David Pickburn Award

David Pickburn (1941-2008)

David was a tireless educator in the Latrobe Valley and a driving force behind many local theatre companies before bringing his energy and creativity to Class Act. David’s vision of a youth theatre company was the motivating force behind the formation of Class Act, and his extensive knowledge of theatre was responsible for establishing the company from its small beginnings. David’s talent and first hand knowledge as a performer meant he passed on his practical skills and experience to the casts, who benefited from his vivid direction and zeal. Sadly, David’s passing in 2008 left a void in Class Act, but he leaves behind a wonderful legacy which continues his vision for youth theatre.

In 2009, the company decided to create an award to honour David’s legacy and foster a love of theatre like David’s. The award is presented annually to a member of the company who has show an exceptional contribution and outstanding personal growth during their time at Class Act Productions.

2022: Connor Rogalsky

2021: Azriel Halge

2020: Max Mead (presented in 2021)

2019: Carolyn Crisp

2018: Emily Williams

2017: Maddison Tosch

2016: Leo Ma

2015: Coby Gregg

2014: Rebekah Symons

2013: Ty Leibelt

2012: Joel Richardson

2011: Taylah Trew

2010: Chloe Bransgrove

2009: Joey Black